Maison de la simulation de l'Université de Lille

Simulation and HPC

Koen Hillewaert (CENAERO, Belgium): Development of a high order unstructured code for LES of turbomachinery components


Tutorial - Laurent Duhem et Asma Farjallah (Intel):

  • Part I: Optimizing SIMD codes with Intel Vectorization Advisor

  • Part II: Getting insight to performance and scalability of your application with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE


Huy-Nam Nguyen (Atos/Bull): The Long and Winding Road Towards Exascale Computing


Gregory Lielens (Free Field Technologies, Belgium): FFT R&D on aero-acoustics: Turbulent noise sources and acoustic propagation within strong flows


Pierre Fortin (MCF, UPMC) : Task-based parallelism and heterogeneous deployment for the N-body problem